Upcoming SUVs in 2014 for India


Upcoming SUVs for India in 2014

Indian automotive industry has loads of SUV launches pipelined for the upcoming year 2014. Below is the brief description of the upcoming SUV’s in 2014.


1)     Maruti XA Alpha –


Maruti XA Alpha

Maruti Suzuki being one of the biggest sellers in the Indian market is preparing to launch a compact SUV whose conceptual prelim was seen in the Auto Expo in New Delhi last year. It is taking this initiative in order to compete with the successful SUV’s such as Renault Duster, Mahindra S101 and the recently launched Ford EcoSport. This compact SUV is expected to be categorized under sub 4 meter category which would be available in diesel version such as VDI, ZDI and ZDI+ along with which petrol version can also be expected. This compact SUV would be a 5 seater along with front wheel drive architecture.


2)     2014 RR Evoque 9-Speed –


2014 RR Evoque 9-Speed

Land Rover had already planned to introduce RS variants of Range Rover Sport and Range Rover Evoque couple of months ago. The upcoming Range Rover Evoque would be powered with a 9 speed automatic transmission which later is expected to be powered with a smaller engine in the near future making it more affordable and also popular.


3)     2014 BMW X5 facelift –


2014 BMW X5 facelift

The German Company BMW currently working on the X4 crossover, I3 Electric car and a 1 series based MPV pipeline is also ready to launch the BMW X5. The new X5 is larger and has almost all the features provided by the BMW. The all new third generation BMW X5 is featured with the all new styling along with some of the detailing obtained from their previous range of SUVs.  It is powered with the new 220PS 2-litre diesel engine coupled to twin turbo 4 cylinders.


4)     2014 Hyundai Santa FE –


2014 Hyundai Santa FE

The Korean company Hyundai is already set to launch the Santa FE in February 2014 which is built based on the company’s new fluidic design platform. The all new Santa FE is expected to compete the likes of Toyota Fortuner and Chevrolet Captiva. It would be equipped with a new hexagonal grille, all wheel drive technology and the same 2.2-litre diesel engine coupled to  an automatic transmission as before.


5)     2014 Renault Koleos facelift –


2014 Renault Koleos facelift

  • Expected launch – April 2014
  • Expected Price – INR 22-25 lakhs
  • More information – Not available

After the recent success of Duster, Renault is now preparing for minor modifications of Renault Koleos.  Coming to the changes, it would feature slight modifications to bumper and grille, new infotainment setup and a new color scheme of brown for the dashboard. Renault has planned for this update due to the fact of Koleos not obtaining decent sales as Duster in the Indian market.


6)     2014 Mahindra Scorpio –


2014 Mahindra Scorpio facelift (rendered picture)

With the recent launch of the cut price version of Mahindra XUV 500 last week, Mahindra’s Scorpio is also in need of full on grounds up replacement. As Mahindra would require time for this replacement, the company would now prepare for the third facelift of Scorpio. It would feature slightly updated grille, sharper set of headlamps and new bumpers. The majority of changes for the Scorpio would be reserved for the 2015 new model. (Image CreditCartoq )


7)     2014 Nissan X-Trail –


2014 Nissan X-Trail

  • Expected launch – October-November 2014
  • Expected Price – INR 24 lakhs approximately
  • More information – Not available

Nissan’s X-Trail had not obtained the required decent sales in the Indian market, part of the problem being pricing. In order to overcome this, Nissan has planned to launch the modified X-Trail which in fact is more muscular than the existing one. Interiors would also experience new quality of materials and finishes along with the seating capacity of 7 members. The upcoming X-Trail is based on the new Common Module Family (CMF) platform. Apart from this, Nissan will also probably expand Nissan’s upper-end vehicle in India over the next few years.


8)     Mercedes-Benz GLA –


Mercedes-Benz GLA

Mercedes Benz GLA would be a compact, extremely good looking SUV which would have a reasonable ground clearance, interior space and dynamics probably available towards the end of 2014. It would be equipped with the same 1.8-litre petrol and 2.4-litre diesel engine coupled to a 7 speed or the new 8 speed automatic transmission as already seen in the CLA. Mercedes Benz GLA won’t be larger as it is based on the CLA Coupe.


9)     Honda Vezel SUV –


Honda Vezel SUV

The Japanese automaker Honda is continuously revealing some information in different parts of the country. Honda unveiled the 2014 Honda Jazz in Japan after which the Honda’s Subsidiary in Thailand also updated its hatchback Honda Brio celebrating two years since its launch. Honda Indonesia recently unveiled a much-talked Brio MPV (Multi-Purpose Vehicle) , christened ‘Honda Mobilio’at the Indonesian Motor Show held in Jakarta. This India-bound MPV will directly compete with Maruti Ertiga, when launch in mid-2014.

Honda’s SUV based on Jazz’s platform also was unveiled at Tokyo Motor Show 2013 this-month and is expected to compete with the likes of Mahindra Scorpio. In India, the upcoming SUV is expected to be powered with 1.5-litre petrol and the recently introduced diesel engines. The Vezel SUV will be showcased at the upcoming 2014 Auto Expo and launched by the end of year 2014.


10)  2014 Volvo all-new XC90 –


2014 Volvo all-new XC90

The luxury car manufacturer Volvo has planned to build new models based on its new Scalable Product Architecture (SPA). Out of these models, Volvo’s top SUV XC90 will be launched at the end of 2014. It is expected to feature new interior and exterior design. It is also expected to be powered with new inline-four turbo engines, both petrol and diesel along with talks of introducing hybrid versions too. (Image CreditIwantaLexusLFA)


11)  2014 Skoda Yeti –


2014 Skoda Yeti

  • Expected launch – Mid 2014
  • Expected Price – INR 16 lakhs approximately
  • More information – Not available

After the recent launch of the facelifted Skoda Octavia, Skoda is now busy rolling out new models of its existing car line up. Skoda Yeti refresh has already been announced globally and now wears a fresher, sharper and clearer design. It is now featured with chrome inserts on the front grill, new textures, materials and colors for the interiors. Apart from this, Skoda Yeti refresh would be powered with the same 2-litre TDI engine.


12)  Renault Duster facelift and 4WD –


2014 Renault Duster facelift

Renault’s Duster which was one of the successful cars after its launch about one year ago is now seeing a decline in its sales in the Indian market. The main reason for the decline is the recently launched aggressively priced Ford EcoSport and Nissan Terrano (which is almost like the Duster with improved exterior). In order to overcome this, Renault had also launched the anniversary edition of the Duster in the Indian market with slight cosmetic changes recently.

The upcoming Duster would feature complicated headlamp design, more detail grille, 4 wheel drive etc in order to cope up with the other competitors.


13)  Porsche Macan –


Porsche Macan

The luxurious car maker Porsche is almost ready to expand its SUV line up in the Indian market by the addition of Macan whose official teaser images are available over the cyber space. The Macan is expected to be positioned below the Cayenne and roughly the size of the Q5 along with sharing the basic platform of the Q5. The design echoes the Cayenne as expected but the engines will be different. The Macan S is expected to be powered with a non turbo version along with the base engine of 2-litre petrol engine producing 220PS and a 190PS diesel.


14)  2014 Nissan Qashqai –


2014 Nissan Qashqai

With not so sure of the upcoming X-Trail of how it will do in the Indian market, Nissan has also planned to launch Qashqai in November 2014 in order to compete the premium SUV segments in India. With a hope to survive in the Indian market and of course obtain the required decent sales, Nissan will have to increase the interior and exterior quality along with pricing it aggressively. More details about this is not yet available.


15)  2014 Land Rover Discovery –


2014 Land Rover Discovery

The upcoming Land Rover’s Discovery would have a new badge above the front grille saying Discovery instead of Land Rover or Range Rover. Apart from this, it would also feature new headlamps along with other cosmetic changes. The all new Freelander is also rumoured to be branded under Discovery.


16)  BMW X4 –



The German Company BMW has also planned to build X4 along with X5 which is scheduled to be launched in Feb 2014. The X4 is built based on X3 along with sloping roofline from the X6. The X4 is expected to be sportier as the X6 along with size reduced than the X6 in order to be more manageable in the traffic conditions.


17)  2015 Audi Q7 –


2015 Audi Q7 (rendered picture)

The luxurious SUV maker Audi had launched the Q7 couple of years ago. Even after the 2009 modification, Audi’s Q7 is still one of the oldest premium SUV’s on sale in the Indian market. After 2009 refresh, Audi’s Q7 has not got a refresh till date since Audi was busy working with Volkswagen on a new SUV platform based on the MLB architecture.

The upcoming Q7 is expected to be the first car to be built under this platform. The new Q7 would be much lighter and more efficient than the current gen Q7 losing around 300 kilos of gross weight when it reaches India. Audi also has plans to introduce hybrid variants into the Indian market. (Image CreditNordschleifeautoblahg)


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