Photo Rendering – Here’s what the Next-Gen 2015 Land Rover Discovery could look like

Next-Gen 2015 Land Rover Discovery

Next-Gen 2015 Land Rover Discovery

The British SUV maker Land Rover owned by the Tata group is planning to launch the Next-Generation Discovery in the coming month. After its launch it is expected to arrive at the market early-2014 as a 2015 model. A digital rendering which might actually look pretty close to the actual car has been published in a French magazine which features a raft of updates.

The Next-Gen Land Rover would be 400 Kg’s lighter than the current model due to use of lighter chassis and huge aluminium content. Coming to the styling Land Rover is expected to be pretty much like the upgraded Range Rover which would be more fuel efficient and would provide excellent handling. Next-Gen Land Rover would also comprise of LED enhanced headlights, luxurious interiors, new side mirrors and tweaked bumpers.

After seeing the recent updates in 2013 Land Rover, a revised dashboard, a new steering wheel and soft-touch materials interiors is expected in the Next-Gen Land Rover. The new Land Rover would be provided with 8-speed automatic transmissions replacing the current 6-speed transmission which would increase the fuel economy.


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