Jaguar Land Rover’s “40 new cars in 5 years”


Land Rover/Jaguar has gone through a lot over the last 15 years but now is a part of an ambitious automaker – Tata Motors. The Indian-owned brands now have a major product assault read to launch over the next five years that will lift them out of low-volume niche vehicles to a more luxury mainstream segment.

“We’ll be launching 40 new cars, derivatives and (major) technologies from Jaguar/Land Rover in the next five years,” said Adrian Hallmark, who joined Jaguar as its Global Brand Director last October.

The list of new vehicles breaks down into 3 categories

Products that slot above and below the current Jaguar and Land Rover line-up, as well as those that broaden the current line-up’s appeal;

Products that can expand the appeal of the two brands in markets where they currently don’t have a presence;

Technologies that expand the capabilities of the two brands — possibly including new diesels, hybrids and other advanced propulsion systems.

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More pictures of 2015 Land Rover’s –

Land Rover Discovery Land Rover Defender Range Rover Sports Range Rover

Source – Detroit Bureau