More details and spy shots of the Bajaj Pulsar 200SS emerge!

We have actually lost count of the number of times, the Bajaj Pulsar 200SS and 400SS have been spotted while undergoing camouflaged testing. There is no doubt that Bajaj is testing the motorcycle across the length and breadth of the country with some of the spy-shots coming all the way from the Rohtang pass in the Himalayas.

bajaj-pulsar-200ss-frontBajaj Pulsar 200SS (Spied) – FrontView

We have managed to get access to the latest lot of spy shots, courtesy – and it is the closest anyone has got to the test mules so far. The person who took the picture has had an interaction with the test rider who confirmed that the bike was not the Pulsar 400SS but the Pulsar 200SS. This particular test mule had clocked upwards of 19000 kilometres, showing the extent of testing done by Bajaj Auto.

The interaction with the rider of the test mule has also revealed that the 200SS has lower NVH levels when compared to the 200NS and it has now been confirmed that the 200SS will be fuel injected as opposed to carburettored, the best part is that the 200SS will also get an increase in power, 26 PS to be exact and not just power, but the 200SS also fares well in efficiency, 48 KMPL as claimed by the rider.

bajaj-pulsar-200ss-sideBajaj Pulsar 200SS (Spied) – SideView

The rider also claimed that the motorcycle would be launched only in the first quarter of next year, as it is still under the development stage, but the question that remains to be answered is, Why is Bajaj Auto taking such a long time to test the Pulsar 200SS?

Under the skin, the motorcycle shares every single component with its naked twin, the 200NS which has proven to be a very reliable motorcycle so far, and even the fuel injection system has been proven to be reliable as it is used in the Indonesian version of the 200NS. With all the mechanical bits already set in place for the 200SS, we can only assume that the motorcycle’s launch date has been pushed to 2015 only because of Bajaj-KTM company strategies.

bajaj-pulsar-200ss-instrument-consoleBajaj Pulsar 200SS (Spied) – Instrument Console

The KTM RC300 and RC390 have recently been launched and the safest assumption we can make at his point in time is that, Bajaj Auto wants to create a time gap between the RC series launch and the Pulsar SS series launch, and the reason Bajaj wants to do this might be because the 200SS and the 400SS might be more value for money than the RC200 and RC390, therefore stealing prospective customers from the RC series.

Regardless of the time frame, we are sure that the Bajaj Pulsar 200SS and 400SS will be a huge success when launched as Bajaj is known for providing good products at an unthinkable price which attracts scores of customers.

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Bajaj Pulsar 200 SS spied again, this time without any camouflage on!


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