Spied – Tata Indica CR4 XL, yet again!

Tata Indica CR4 XL - 001

Tata Indica XL was we briefed you earlier also, is the latest one on which Tata Motors is working these days. It seems as if they did not want to disclose their latest launch and were secretly working on this one. Of course, this will create a new segment in itself and would surprise the customers in the market. Tata Indigo XL, as the name suggests is a typical Indigo, with an extra long wheelbase. This is what Tata was planning to do – to surprise everyone during the Auto Expo 2012.

However, we would like to again brief you that Tata Motors is secretly working on its stretched wheelbase version of Tata Indica, we call it Indica XL. Currently the Indica measure 3675 mm in length and in India we have a lower tax regime on vehicles measuring less than 4 metres as compared to vehicles measuring more than 4000mm. This means Tata Motors still has 325mm to play with Tata Indica and its Interiors space.

The car is a good choice for many of the premium taxi car buyers and does well in the market. The Indigo is based on Tata Indica and some of the recent spy pictures of an Indica XL have drawn our interest. Spotted in Pune, the Tata Indica XL was all unhidden from the front whereas the rear of the same was heavily camouflaged.

Tata Indica CR4 XL - 002

Also there is a CR4 badge, I guess, just above the turn indicator meaning that the car would equip the 1.4 Liter CR4 diesel engine which delivers an astonishing 25 km/l of mileage. All we can make are assumptions as nothing seems to be clear as of now.

The camouflage at the rear does adds a lot of confusion about this car. Whether it’s a long wheelbase hatchbackbased on India or something else, we really don’t know. If it is a hatchback, then Tata Indica would be the most spacious hatchback (so-called, though it would be more than a hatchback and less than a station wagon) available in the Indian market. This new segment itself created by Tata Motors will work or not, we would leave this to the consumer’s response. So, what would you do – buy/not if this car comes in the market.


Some facts of Tata Indica CR4 XL –

  • Its a CR4 badge. Its a stretched Indica.
  • Its a proper 5 seater hatchback ONLY.
  • It will have a longer wheelbase and enormous rear legroom with a long rear door.
  • Think of it as a hatchback version of Indigo XL.



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Source – IndianAutosBlog