Hrithik Roshan buys a New 2014 Mercedes-Benz S-Class

A lot many movie celebrities have developed a taste for high-end luxurious cars and motorcycles. They have been splurging huge amounts to add one-of-their-kind cars by international auto makers to their list. One such actor is Hrithik Roshan who is an avid fan of top-end swanky cars. The Bollywood hunk is a proud owner of a Jaguar F-Type and a Porsche Cayenne. His garage also houses a Ferrari Modena, Maserati Spyder and a refurbished 1964 Ford Mustang! And now the actor has gone ahead to buy another luxurious car. This time Hrithik Roshan has spent nearly Rs. 2.4 Crore to buy an all new 2014 Mercedes Benz S-Class (W222) luxury sedan.

The international auto maker has launched 6 versions of Mercedes Benz S-Class W222. They are: short, long, extra long, convertible, coupe and majestic Pullman. The 2014 Mercedes Benz S-Class W222 luxury sedan has been powered by Twin Turbo V-8, 4.7 L engine. This engine has been mated with 7-speed automatic gearbox. The car has a two spoke steering wheel that has ‘Mercedes Benz’ engraved on it.

hrithik-roshan-new-2014-mercedes-benz-s-classHrithik Roshan buys a New 2014 Mercedes-Benz S-Class

The luxurious 2014 Mercedes Benz S-Class W222 comes with two reverse gear ratios, stereo speaker mood lighting feature, seat coolers, hot-stone massage, softer and more comfortable pillows, electrically reclining rear executive chairs beside other interesting features. The sedan also offers Magic Vision Control for wiper blades that ensure that the driver’s vision does not gets obstructed during the usual splurge of water. You can perfume the interior with choicest scents thanks to the car’s Air Balance system. The 2014 Mercedes Benz S-Class W222 also offers Magic Body Control feature that detects the bumps of the road ahead and work by relaxing the suspension so that the riding experience is completely smooth. Also, the cabin has been totally isolated from vibration and noise.

The Hrithik Roshan’s love for S-Class started in 2009, when he was travelling in his father’s Mercedes S-Class, his car was smashed up in an accident on the Lonavla highway sometime back. It can be recalled that Hrithik’s car was banged from behind by a speeding car. Fortunately, Hrithik escaped the mishap, his car was ruined. when he realised that the car is built very strong. So he went up to his father and asked for a car of the same make.

The loving dad Roshan immediately ordered a similar car for him, which was delivered to him in three days flat. Normally it takes months for the delivery of a Mercedes. Hrithik’s first S-class is golden beige in colour and Hrithik is very proud of his new possession. The actor used to drive a Porsche Cayenne, before buying an Mercedes S-Class.

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hrithik-roshan-new-2014-mercedes-benz-sclass-frontHrithik Roshan’s New 2014 Mercedes-Benz S-Class – FrontView

hrithik-roshan-new-2014-mercedes-benz-sclass-rearHrithik Roshan’s New 2014 Mercedes-Benz S-Class – RearView

hrithik-roshan-old-mercedes-benz-sclassHrithik Roshan’s Old Mercedes-Benz S-Class