American comedian Jay Leno adds Tata Nano to his garage

Jay Leno buys Tata Nano

American comedian Jay Leno donned a cream coloured ‘sherwani’, resplendent with delicate embroidery to welcome a Tata Nano car to his 17000-square-foot garage in southern California. This TV celebrity is known for his collection of desirable automobiles which spans over vintage cars, super cars and tailor made cars; the newest addition to the collection of this renowned car lover is the modest small car Tata Nano. Leno followed the Bollywood in its truest style; he joined his hands like it’s done in India for Namaskar and posed in front of his white Nano with a background of National Flag of India.

Accentuating the Bollywood flavor of the entire scene were Indian dancers tripping the light fantastic toe in shiny lehengas. However, the cynosure of all eyes was Jay Leno who was dressed in a Sherwani; once again he pulled off a perfect mix of spoof and homage which only he is capable of. As reported the entire affair was desi at heart with dancers shaking a leg on the Bollywood music as the Tata Nano flaunting tri-color stripes took the centre stage in his garage. Leno also bowed in the front of Nano gesturing the traditional Namaskar.

Jay Leno buys Tata Nano - 002

Leno’s Big Dog Garage has close to 200 cars and 90 motorcycles; he also customizes and restores cars as he dives into exploring automotive adventures every week. And this week, Nano, the cheapest car of the world from the Indian auto maker Tata Motors caught his attention. Jibes on his different attire were flooding Leno’s Facebook and Twitter pages and someone stated in a post that this is the first time Jay has been spotted wearing something different than his typical denim shirts.


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