Goa Police to chase criminals in Tata Nano?

Goa Police Force to grab Tata Nano - 001

Tata Motors will be supplying Tata Nano to the Goa police as well, after providing Maharashtra police with Tata Nanos for patrolling. With this, perhaps, it will be smallest car in India to have a red beacon on. Small size, easy to maneuverability in the city and high mileage have all contributed their part in making Nano fit for policing in the tourism destination Goa. With the Tata Nano in Goa police hands, it will be used for patrolling in the cities and the move is said to be welcomed by the police department.

The initial experiments of using Nano for patrolling in Maharashtra by the Mumbai police were quite encouraging and gave convenience to the police parties to patrol the city. Where Nano gives protection from weather it does not add an extra burden on the ex chequer as it costs only double than a usual patrolling police bike. In addition to it, the patrolling will be faster and due to its small size, it can reach even the tightest of the lanes in Mumbai. However, critics say that when the criminals have the most modern cars with 0-100 acceleration touching to 4-5 seconds, we cannot expect the cops in Nano to chase them. Besides, city traffic in Mumbai is even too congested for Nano than a motorbike.

Goa Police Force to grab Tata Nano - 002

As per reports, a lot of additions will be made to the made for cops Nano including siren, wireless systems, etc. before it can be commissioned for service. With this Nano will be doing police duty to nab the criminals first in Maharashtra and now in Goa. Hope it will further be commissioned to police departments of other states.


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