Mumbai police to chase criminals in Tata Nano?

In order to do patrolling in small lanes and chasing criminals, the Mumbai Police might procure Tata Nano car. The police are doing a trial of the vehicle and are looking to the possibility of making it a part of the city police.

According to reports, the Mumbai police is considering to use the Tata Nano as a patrol vehicle in the crowded by lanes of the city. The police use motorcycles to patrol some area. They have already procured one Nano and are evaluating the performance.

Mumbai police to chase criminals in Tata Nano?┬áMumbai police might place a large order for the small car if they are impressed by its performance. We wonder what will be the requirements of the Mumbai police that the Tata Nano has to satisfy. Is its size, which can wiggle through Mumbai’s narrow lanes? Or is its top speed of the Nano which is around 100kmph? Or is it the Nano’s capacity to carry four people which a normal patrol bike cannot handle.

The Tata Nano will be a welcome relief to constables on patrol duty as they will be on duty at unearthly hours and difficult weather conditions. The nano will offer the all weather protection for the police that a motorcycle cannot provide. The Nano is also fuel efficient and will not add to the costs of the police.

Tata Motors must give importance to this sales potential as the Tata Nano has not performed at expected levels. If the Mumbai police adopt the Nano as a patrol car, other police divisions in the country might also follow. If the Nano becomes the official patrol car of the Indian police, it will join an elite list of police cars. But the only question is will it be able chase down criminals who tend to drive faster vehicles?

Police departments across the world boast of possessing some of the best cars in the world. The Italian police use the Lamborghini Gallardo, British Police use the Range Rover, American Police use the Ford Interceptor, German Police use BMWs, Japanese Police use the Nissan 350Z and the Subaru Imprezza.