A stitch in time saves nine: Just what could have saved Tata Motors

Tata Safari Storme

Tata Safari Storme

Tata Motors was one of the oldest and the most popular cars manufactures in India and every product was a huge success. In fact Tata Motors was the first company that introduce luxury SUV’s in the Indian market, the Safari. What made the Safari so special was the fact that the SUV was completely designed, developed and manufactured in India. With this launch the expectations of the buyers scaled to a different level and did the sales figures which were at all time high.

But in the recent change of events Tata Motors has lost its glory to the competition and delay in the launch of new products is one of the biggest contributors. A good example of which is their flagship product the Safari, in 2006 after 8 yrs of the launch of the Safari, Tata Motors decided to upgrade the Safari, and launched a program under the name of Safari18, where the 18 stood for 18 months. This meant that a fresh safari was to hit the production line in 18 months time, which was a decent timeline. But as we are all aware the Safari Storme was launched in October 2012 and the project was delayed by six years..!! And a total of Rs. 400 crore has been spent on the project.

This delay has cost Tata Motors in more ways than one, the biggest one being tougher competition from other manufacturers like Mahindra who in this span of time came up with all new products and also refreshed the existing line-up and also from international brands like Renault who in the present scenario is doing really well.

Tata Safari Storme - Interior

Tata Safari Storme – Interior

Karl Slym, CEO (car business) is set-out on a mission to bring back the glory Tata Motors deserves. To start with he want to get to the root of the problem and wants to figure out what really went wrong. He believes that with the access to technology of Jaguar and Land Rover and a couple of new products launched from the scratch with proper planning, management and quality control could bring back the glory to Tata Motors .


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