Tata Motors should be more mature by 2020

Ratan Tata with Tata Nano

The chief of the country’s largest vehicle maker Tata Motors – Ratan Tata – has said that it should be “more mature” and have the capability to develop products with “reliability, finish and technology” as it “may still be sub-scale by international standards” at present.

In an interview to market research firm JD Power’s report on Indian automobile industry, Tata said the homegrown auto major wants to bring in world-class products in the next decade to meet customers’ needs.

While further elaborating future possibilities for the Tata Motors in ‘India Automotive 2020: The Next Giant from Asia’, he said, “I think we have economies of scale in some of the segments in which we operate, but on the whole, we may still be sub-scale by international standards. My aim for Tata Motors is that we should have the capability of developing good automobiles in terms of reliability, finish and technology.”

According to Mr. Tata, the company is looking at joint engine projects and common platforms for the future, which would help to improve economies of scale. However, the brands will remain distinct in terms of their positioning and retail strategy.