2013 Geneva Motor Show – 2014 McLaren P1 supercar revealed

2014 McLaren P1 - FrontView

McLaren has confirmed that the P1 hybrid will be able to reach a power output of 903 Bhp, and that it will feature the 3.8-litre V8 twin-turbo petrol engine coupled to an electric motor. The company has made special casing  to accommodate  the electric motor by providing tweaks in order to provide efficient cooling to the engine. The McLaren company had once held the title for “fastest production of the road cars in the world” back in 1998 when one of its greatest production McLaren F1 had hit an impressive top speed of 386 kph. But now the company is not aiming to be the fastest in the world but to be the quickest and most rewarding series production road car on a circuit.

A closer look at the display car at Geneva reveals gold foil insulating where the engine is mounted at the mid region of the car and a deeply sloped tail which hides a retractable spoiler capable of extending twelve inches and acting as an air brake. The reason behind providing Electric motor was to emit lower emissions and to provide faster shifts in negative torque. McLaren has also provided DRS button on the steering wheel which reduces the drag by as much as 23 per cent by which it enhances the driving experience. It has also been provided with  7-speed transmission and dual clutch whose generated power is sent to the rear wheels.
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2014 McLaren P1 - DashView

2014 McLaren P1 - SideView

2014 McLaren P1 - RearRightSideView

2014 McLaren P1 - RearLeftSideView