Yema Auto’s launches its new electric car ‘Mustang F16’

Yema Mustang F16 - FrontView

Yema Mustang F16 – FrontView

On seeing this picture, the first word that comes to your mind must be Audi, but no, its not. This is Yema Auto’s new electric car, the Mustang F16. I know what you are thinking rite now, but again, No! , its not a Mustang as you think of it.

Underneath the A4-ripoff body you will find the skeleton of an Austin Maestro. The interiors look similar to a Subaru because Yema Auto makes clones of the Forester.

Now for the interesting part- the specs, this has an 80 horsepower electric motor with a top speed of 110 kph and a range of 260 kilometers. Now that isn’t so bad for an Audi rip-off, does it?
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Yema Mustang F16 - DashView

Yema Mustang F16 – DashView

Yema Mustang F16 - SideView

Yema Mustang F16 – SideView

Yema Mustang F16 - RearView

Yema Mustang F16 – RearView