Hongqi L5, Chinese Luxury car is more expensive than RR Ghost

hongqi-l5-chinese-luxury-car-frontHongqi L5 limousine – FrontView

Hongqi L5 sedan is now the most expensive car in China. This luxurious sedan is on display at the Beijing Motor Show. The manufacturers have priced this car higher than a Rolls Royce Ghost which comes at a price of $700,000. The Hongqi L5 will have a price tag of 5 million Yuan, i.e. $805,500 attached to it. It is the most expensive car to be made in China so far. Hongqi L5 is lavish limousine with great design and looks. The name of the car means Red Flag in Mandarin. It was earlier exclusive for use by Government officials, however, it’s now open for civilian use as well.

The dimensions of the Hongqi L5 sedan are 5555 mm length, 2018 mm width and 1578 mm height. It comes with a wheelbase of 3435 mm. Thus, Hongqi L5 is even larger than the Rolls Royce Phantom Extended wheelbase. China offers this car as a perfect combination of performance, style, luxury and indulgence. This sedan is touted to be unrestrained in terms of power and unparalleled in its refinement. The interiors of the car feature premium leather upholstery. A touchscreen display has been mounted on the headrests. There are air vents at the rear and plenty of legroom for passengers in the rear cabin as well.

hongqi-l5-chinese-luxury-car-rearHongqi L5 limousine – RearView

As per the details available regarding the engine, the Hongqi L5 sedan has been powered by all aluminum 6.0 L V12 engine that is powerful enough to deliver a power output of 403 HP and produce a maximum torque of 550 Nm. This engine has been coupled with a 6-speed automatic transmission. The luxurious car features an intelligent all-wheel drive system. As claimed by the makers, the Hongqi L5 can achieve a top speed of 200 kmph. It will offer a fuel efficiency of 5 kmpl. This will make this sedan quite a performer on-road.


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