Clones of KTM Duke appear in China

zhejiang-jiajue-c8-tomahawk-ktm-duke-clone-frontZhejiang Jiajue C8 Tomahawk – FrontView

Chinese manufacturers appear to be a lot impatient. Instead of waiting for KTM to introduce its bikes in their market officially, some China based automakers have now created and are selling clones of the KTM Duke 200. It has been reported that the China based Zhejiang Jiajue Motorcycle Manufacturing Company Ltd is all-set to launch its new bike in the 250cc segment which is in all sense a clone of KTM Duke 200. There is hardly anything, apart from the body color, that sets the two bikes apart.

Zhejiang Jiajue Motorcycle Manufacturing Company Ltd has named this bike ‘C8 Tomahawk’. This bikes features a trellis frame and comes with USD front forks, monoshock suspension set up and other mechanic same as the Duke 200 motorcycle. The C8 Tomahawk also uses 220 mm rear disc brakes and 300 mm front discs for stopping. Even the digital console is a copy. The Chinese bike has been equipped with a 250cc engine that is rumored to produce a power output of 21 to 22 HP. The two other variants of this bike are HOT-S and Tomahawk R.

zhejiang-jiajue-c8-tomahawk-ktm-duke-clone-rearZhejiang Jiajue C8 Tomahawk – RearView

It is not the first incident where a Chinese maker has introduced clones of genuine international bikes in the market. The company has a whole range of bikes on their website that are clones of various other bikes by celebrated automakers, such as the Yamaha YZF-R15, Honda CBR250R and Kawasaki Ninja 250 among many others.

Bajaj Auto is gearing-up to export its KTM Duke 390 and 200 motorcycles in China. It can only be speculated how the automaker will react to the clones already readily available in the market. It will affect their sales. However, the kind of performance, power and technological expertise promised by the KTM bikes will not be matched by its clones.

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