Meet Ronax 500, two stroke 500cc bike, worth over INR 80 lacs

If you are a lover of vintage Grand Prix motorbikes, here is a good news! A German automaker has developed a two stroke motorcycle that has been named Ronax 500. This motorcycle will be manufactured on demand and as far as the news go, only 46 units are to be produced. This bike will come with a price tag of €100,000, exclusive of taxes, which is over INR 80 lacs. With tax included, the bike will cost about INR 1 crore.

ronax-500-two-stroke-gp-replica-frontRonax 500 (the street legal two-stroke GP Replica) – FrontView

The Ronax 500 motorcycle comes with a 2 stroke, 499cc V4 80 degree, aluminum engine with two crank shafts that rotate counter clockwise. The bike has map controlled fuel injection system along with a cdi ignition system for sport and rain mappings. Every cylinder in the engine has a tuned steel exhaust pipe attached to its exhaust port.

The powerful engine of Ronax 500 can deliver a power output of 160 BHP and has been coupled with a 6-sppeed cassette gearbox. The bike will have carbon fiber body with full body fairing with transparent and large wind screen. It will have a small LED headlamp and a café racer style fuel tank. Its tail cowl and seat have looks similar to a GP machine.

ronax-500-two-stroke-gp-replica-rearRonax 500 (the street legal two-stroke GP Replica) – RearView

The Ronax 500 bike has been made on the base of advance engineering besides its Moto GP style. With clip on handlebars and aluminum bridge frame, the bike is very stunning to look at. The motorcycle also features aluminum swing arm at its rear, Ohlins suspension system with inverted telescopic forks at its front and horizontal mono shock at its rear. Ronax 500 is suited for modern tracks thanks to its high traction racing tyres.

Let’s see how the customers and fans react to this new motorcycle. Perhaps, its popularity may encourage the manufacturer to create more units.

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ronax-500-two-stroke-gp-replica-010     ronax-500-two-stroke-gp-replica-011     ronax-500-two-stroke-gp-replica-012

ronax-500-two-stroke-gp-replica-013     ronax-500-two-stroke-gp-replica-014     ronax-500-two-stroke-gp-replica-015

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