One of its kind motorbike, Hesketh 24, built for 24 riders only

Hesketh Motorcycles has recently introduced a limited edition motorcycle named Hesketh 24 with an aim to mark a new beginning in the history of the company that came into the area of bike manufacturing in the year 1980. Taking inspiration from the 1975 F1 car by James Hunt, the motorcycle manufacturing company will only be making 24 models of this new bike that will be sold internationally.

hesketh-24-motorcycleHesketh 24 Motorcycle

The person behind the development and design of the Hesketh 24 is Paul Sleeman. He is the chief engineer and owner of the company. The best quality components have been used to create this stunning bike. A lot of attention has been given to detailing. Tommy Hill has designed and produced all the graphics for the Hesketh 24. The basic concept behind this gorgeous mean machine is to make a contemporary interpretation of what the company should be in the present day motorcycle market. Hesketh 24 flaunts a perfect combination of modern technology and retro styling. It has the right balance of modern components and style.

Each of the 24 models of the Hesketh 24 motorcycle has been hand-built by the technicians of the company at their headquarters in Surrey. The bike has been powered by a 1950cc huge air cooled V-Twin S&S X-wedge powertrain that is very powerful and offers amazing torque. Its seat will be super soft, comfortable and completely waterproof. This bike is not just beautiful but also substantially powerful. Hesketh 24 will truly live up to the reliability and reputation standards of the company. The bike comes with Harris Performance Engines tuners. Each of the 24 models of the limited edition Hesketh 24 motorbike will comes with an 18 carat gold plaque on the tank top with a special number, unique of that model. This drop dead gorgeous café racer will come with a two year warranty.

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