Self balancing one-wheeled electric motorcycle named ‘RYNO’

self-balancing-one-wheeled-electric-motorcycle-ryno-frontRYNO (one-wheeled, self-balancing electric motorcycle) – FrontView

The enthusiasm for bikes is on the rise. With more and more auto makers launching some of their finest motorcycles in the market, the craze is increasing incredibly. Only motorcycle riding enthusiast can tell the fun and thrill of riding a great bike on a wide open road. But what if something gets changed? Something no one has ever thought of.

Innovation is what keeps the automakers progressing and developing spectacular products. It keeps them one step ahead of others in the league and provides buyers with a wider variety to select from. We have heard that Chris Hoffmann has now come with a new bike which is quite unique. This motorcycle, named RYNO, is a one-wheeled bike and is a great invention in its arena. However, RYNO is just a prototype at present. It has been under construction for almost 7 years. The major highlights of this amazing bike are its single wheel and zero emissions feature. The bike uses very advanced technology. Like Segway, it is a self balancing motorcycle.

self-balancing-one-wheeled-electric-motorcycle-ryno-sideRYNO (one-wheeled, self-balancing electric motorcycle) – SideView

Though the motorcycle is still in stages of development, but it is being expected that once the RYNO motorcycle will enter the production phase it may cost about $5,295. The manufacturing facility has been created outside Portland, Oregon. The production is likely to commence in this year. Chris Hoffmann and his team is presently also working on establishing dealers across the country. This will enable the prospective buyers to come and try the RYNO bike for themselves. It will also ensure wider reach and keep the buzz going.

The motorcycle is expected to be received well in the market, thanks to its small size, innovative design and unique features. But we will have to wait and watch how RYNO performs in the market and whether or not it lives up to the expectations of the makers and the bike enthusiast.


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self-balancing-one-wheeled-electric-motorcycle-ryno-004     self-balancing-one-wheeled-electric-motorcycle-ryno-005     self-balancing-one-wheeled-electric-motorcycle-ryno-006

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self-balancing-one-wheeled-electric-motorcycle-ryno-010     self-balancing-one-wheeled-electric-motorcycle-ryno-011     self-balancing-one-wheeled-electric-motorcycle-ryno-012