World’s fastest electric motorcycle to be available at a starting price of Rs 22.73 lakh

Lightning Motorcycles is an electric two wheeler manufacturer in the international arena. The automaker revealed its Lighting LS 218 motorcycle at the 2014 Quail Motorcycle Gathering held in California. It is the faster production motorcycle in the world. Lighting LS 218 comes with extra torque, more power, improved performance and added speed that sets it apart from any other production bike or racing motorcycle available at present.

worlds-fastest-electric-motorcycle-lightning-is-218Lightning LS-218 Superbike

Designed by Glynn Kerr, the Lighting Motorcycle’s LS 218 bike is truly amazing. It comes in metallic blue color. It promises a top speed of 213 miles per hour and the best top speed of 218 miles per hour which is a record. Kerr has also worked with Bajaj Auto for designing their Discover and Pulsar series. The Lighting LS 218 bike comes with 3 battery options. It comes with a 380V battery that produced 12 kwh power for 160 to 200 kmph.

The second option produces 15 kwh power for 200 to 240 kmph and the last option produces 20 kwh power for 260 to 290 kmph. The powertrain has been developed by the Research and Development team of the company who have experience in this type of technology thanks to years of competition at the racing events organized all over the world.

The bikes comes with the Ultra High Power Density Drive System which allows you to set peak power setting without fussing over overheating constraints. The motorcycle gets charged in less than half an hour at the public fast charging stations. The Lighting LS 218 comes with brass Brembo brakes and Ohlins suspension. It also features a carbon fiber swing arm, custom graphics, comfortable seating, Android display and titanium fasteners. The Lighting LS 218 is available at a starting price of $38,888. It is open for booking.

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