Funny bike accidents in Kerala

Bored of watching long movies? Do you want to have some fun time watching crazy videos? Here is something you will find hilarious.

If you have been browsing through our website hoping to come across something new and interesting about the autos arena, well, we do have something funny to offer. As we were surfing for some videos on YouTube, we came across this particularly comical video shot in Kerala which convinced us that perhaps some of the funniest bikers in the country live here.

funny-bikers-keralaFunny bike accident in Kerala

The video will surely change the perception you have about the state and its people. In case you are planning to go on a tour to Kerala, also regarded as the god’s own country, we suggest you to keep an eye out for such bike riders that you may encounter as you travel at leisure.

However, on a serious note, as you must be noticing none of the people in the video were wearing any of the safety gears. Though this video is funny enough to bring a sweet smile on somebody’s face, but in order to share the humorous situation you first need to survive it as well.

The video has some acts where the motorcycles are not involved but they will surely make you laugh like crazy. So have fun this weekend watching this video and sharing it with your friends and family. But remember not to wear a Lungi while riding a motorbike or else something as comical as this video may happen to you as well.

There are plenty of such hilarious videos over internet that involve bike and bike stunts. These videos surly tickle your funny bone but at times they involve a degree of risk and near escapes from a serious injury or accident as well. So just be careful before you plan to make such a video.

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