Video: Do you love to swing? How about on a Motorcycle…

We all loved to swing as children. It was perhaps one of the most alluring slides that any child would love to try. But does our passion for swinging dies as we grow more mature and old? It appears not. It is quite common in villages to tie a steady and strong tire to a tree’s branch with the help of strong ropes to form a swing on which village kids swing at leisure. However, it now seems that there is another option available other than just an old and used tire.

motorcycle-rope-swing-videoDo you love to swing? How about on a Motorcycle…

Recently a video has been uploaded on one of the most popular social networking website Facebook. This video reveals two people astride a motorcycle that has been attached to the branch of a sturdy, old tree. The rider of the bike is then swinging the bike on the tree by riding it to and fro. This 30 second long video is quite fun. It seemed that people standing nearby were quite enjoying the show. They were laughing and hooting as the two riders went to and fro revel in their new ‘ride’ swinging with style.

The video has received over 1400 ‘Like’ and more than 1800 ‘Share’ on Facebook. Viewers have left hilarious comments and have even tagged their friends to the video so that they can have a look as well. Some viewers seem to be anticipating something new and even funnier from the two riders next time. It seems the video has receive much appreciation from the viewers.

A lot of such video have now been surfacing over internet showing people performing stunts with their cars and motorcycles. Though the height of the swing-bike from the ground was quite low, it was still a little risky. Such stunts must be carried out with caution.

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