Ariel Atom has joined the Police Fleet of Britain

If you were wondering that it was only the police in Italy and Dubai who were handed over some of the fastest cars in the world as a part of their official fleet, you are quite mistaken. British police is not far behind. It has recently come into like that one of the finest international automaker Ariel has now collaborated with Somerset, UK Police force in order to create a special one-off version of Ariel’s superfast track racer Atom.

This car will be based on Ariel Atom 3.5R and has been specially designed for Safe rider campaign. This special edition car will come with yellow and blue color scheme of the UK police force. It will have all the necessary emergency equipment and Hella pursuit blue lights.

ariel-atom-british-policeAriel Atom has joined the Police Fleet of Britain

The Atom PL by Ariel has been equipped with a 2.5L four cylinder, supercharged engine that has been manufactured by Honda. This engine is powerful enough to deliver a power output of 350 PS. It can make the car accelerated from zero to 100 km per hour in merely 2.5 seconds! The car that is closed to a motorcycle on four wheels is this superfast and amazing Ariel Atom. The car has set many performance records across the globe.

The Police for of Britain will not be making use of Ariel Aton 3.5R for catching over speeding vehicles. The car will instead be used at promotional events to promote the idea of motorcycle safety. At a racing track, the Atom is quite at home giving excellent performance and showing mind freezing power.

However, roads may not offer the same opportunity. Meanwhile, Ariel is still in the process of launching a new motorbike. The automaker considers safety as the most important aspect.  When a motorcycle is involved in a collision, the things that is certain is that the motorcyclist is at loss.

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