Hi-Bird Launches E-Scooters In India



Hi-Bird, an ISO 90001 company and one of the largest bi-cycle exporters in the country, launched electric scooters. The company’s cycles are available in India and are also sold in USA and Europe. The company claims to promote their products as a blend of “European quality, Japanese Technology and African sturdiness”. With the launch of their two wheeler electric scooters they seem to be flying high. The company launched its two electric scooter models with a claim that they can achieve a top speed of 100 Kmph.

The e-scooters from HI-Bird will be easily charged within 5-6 hours and the scooters can run 70Km per single charge. These two e-scooters are equipped with lithium-ion battery which is very different from the other company who equip with either lead-acid batteries or nickel-cadmium batteries.

“The scooter has an on-board charging system and can be charged using the household electric plug point; the vehicles are totally environment friendly noise free, smoke free, no petrol, no registration, no license and have a very low running cost.  The carrying capacity of the vehicle is one adult and one child”, Mr. Sharma added.

“Hi Bird company has taken over the ambitious venture to launch Battery Operated e scooters at an affordable price to cater to the sizable Indian middle class. He added that there is huge demand for e-scooters in the country as it can be easily driven by youngsters, working women, professionals and senior citizens. The price range of two models is between Rs 27,000 and Rs 28,900“Mr. Sharma said.

“The recent government subsidies on electric bikes have encouraged us to launch electric two wheelers. In fact, the state governments of Delhi and Chandigarh offer 20% subsidy apart from the central government rebate of 15% on electric two wheeler’s. Hero Electric is the current leader in electric two-wheelers with more than 30% market share and sales of around 80,000 two wheelers per annum. The favourable market condition has led TVS to re-enter the segment by launching electric scooters next year” he added.