Team RDX Mangalore – Dance and Stunts combo video is pretty awesome, Must watch!

Stunting in India is catching on as a big-time hobby and some are even considering it as a profession, the situation is such that there are many Indian Stunters who are really good at it and have made it big in the field. Stunting in India is majorly taken up in groups, as an individual Stunter cannot do much all alone. A group can bag movie deals, video deals, show contracts and sponsorships too.

Here is one such group based out of Mangalore who call themselves, ‘Team RDX Mangalore’ who are famous in the local stunting scene. This video of Team RDX Mangalore, posted on YouTube, caught our attention. Seen in the video is an attempt to combine the love for Stunts and Dance, and we must say that they have been pretty successful at it.

Seen at the beginning of the video is a dialogue with two dancers and one Stunter in which they explain what dance and stunting means to them respectively. And then they cue the music and begin the dance/stunt sequence. Throughout the video, there is one of two dancers always simultaneously on screen with a Stunter performing alongside the dancer. The producers of the video have chosen the perfect song for this kind of video (Skrillex-Dirty Vibe).

The stunts have been performed professionally by the team, on a closed stretch of road, away from public traffic, which is a good thing. The stunts are performed with the minimal requirements of riding gear met, as all the riders are seen wearing Helmets, Riding Gloves and Shoes. The various bikes seen in the video are – TVS Apache, Yamaha Ray-Z, KTM Duke 200, KTM Duke 390, Yamaha YZF-R15 V 2.0 and a Honda Dio.

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SourceTeAm RDX mAnGlore