It is a child’s play for 5-year-old Darsheel to operate JCB excavator

Darsheel Rao is a 5 year old kid living in Mangalore. But do not go by his age. This cute little child has quite some talent. He has the ability to operate a JCB excavator at such a tender age. The boy moves his small arms deftly to move the excavator for digging the land with its bucket.

5-year-old-darsheel-operate-jcb-excavator-driving5-year-old Darsheel operating JCB excavator

Though not a trained professional for operating such a machine, Darsheel has immense confidence with which he maneuvers the excavator leaving any professional at this work in awe of his ability. Apart from digging, Darsheel can also level the land, load and move the JCB excavator in any direction with great ease, admirable bravery and oodles of patience.

Darsheel is studying in UKG class in Nazareth Kindergarten School, Balmatta. His parents, Jayaprakash and Mangala Rao as well as his rest of the family is quite supportive of his talent. His father wants him to become a pilot. We were informed that Darsheel first had his hands-on experience with this construction machine when he went along with his uncle Anil Rao to a construction site during a vacation. At that time he succeeded to learn how to operate the JCB excavator.

5-year-old-darsheel-operating-jcb-excavator5-year-old Darsheel posing with JCB excavator

His uncle ensured that every safety measure was in place while Darsheel learned to operate the machine. He stated that it was the little boy’s desire to learn that made him permit Darsheel to try this. Anil also stated that every time they go to a mall, Darsheel prefers to buy a toy excavator and when the toys do not work because of any reason, he enjoys repairing them as well.

It was a JCB operator, Sathish, who tutored Darsheel the required skills. Sathish reported that the 5 year old was able to fully operate the machine in just one and a half month’s period. However, he emphasized that since Darsheel is young, he needs proper guidance.

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