Tips to consider when purchasing a new Car Stereo Head Unit


Tips to consider when purchasing a new Car Stereo Head Unit

The fact of the matter is that most factory car stereo units have a less than desirable sound reproduction. Furthermore, they are also devoid of many of the latest features on the market. Sound enthusiasts that crave enhanced clarity should definitely invest in an aftermarket car stereo. Here are some of the factors to consider when purchasing a new car stereo head unit.


Contrary to what some people may think, car stereos come in various sizes. If the wrong size is chosen, then the person will have wasted their precious time. Most online car audio sites enable the customer to look up the recommended size for their specific vehicle.


The cost of the car stereo head unit is a very important factor to consider. Even though a generic brand may be a tad less expensive, it may not be able to measure up to a pioneer car stereo in regards to overall quality.

Power output rating

The continuous power rating, also known as the RMS rating, is a very important aspect of a car stereo. It is essential that the head unit’s RMS rating not exceed the RMS rating of the speakers. This could cause the speakers to distort if too much power is fed to them.


This is the number one concern for some sound enthusiasts. Many people need their car stereo to be able to be used with their MP3 players or USB drives. Some of the other popular features include touch-screen displays and removable face-plates.