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Me @ Mangalore Auto Expo 2011

Dearest readers,

This is Mohammed Asrar editor of this website I am very sorry for not updating my blog more often.  I was busy and denied you a new post for almost a whole week now, All I can say is that I’m sorry.  Really truly deeply sorry for the inconvince caused to my user due to lack of update on my website www.bharathautos.com . As my semester exams are going on I’m busy studying. Hence the article on new post will be bit delayed and this will continue upto 4th May, but I promise you friends I’ll try my best to give you regular updates during this period.

Just because this site has not yet launched officially some contains in the site are incomplete like autodeal, spare parts guide & buyers guide. We have also planned to add some additional contains which will give our user breath taking experience.

There comes a time in every Internet reader’s life when they realize their blogger is not perfect, and I think for you that moment is now.  I am not perfect, But I promise you friends to give a perfect & complete website by June first week.

I could like to share with you friends some of the happenings behind the screen at bharathautos.com. Friends there are many pics taken of vehicles to add in our website on  tested, compared, garage & pastout because of lack of time I’m unable to write the article on this topics. This site has good no. of users & auto enthusiast even though not yet launched officially. It is all possible because of you friend’s.

I thank my bros Azfar, Azhar & all my friends for your support to making this website www.bharathautos.com a successful one.

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