These after market units will make your TNT 300 and TNT 600i look like TNT 1130

When Benelli made its entry into India, everybody witness passionate feelings for the Benelli TNT300 and the TNT600i however the front light outline for the bikes couldn’t exactly coordinate the Transformers-like looks of the greater TNT1130’s headlamps.


It appears like our noiseless petitions to God have been heard as the people at are presently offering hand crafted headlights that can without much of a stretch be introduced on the Benelli TNT300 and TNT600i, making the two bikes seeming to be like their greater kin, while additionally giving them a legitimate Italian emanation they merit.

These specially designed post-retail headlights get a glass outline indistinguishable to the unit on the TNT1130. Be that as it may, rather than four bulb setup, the unit from Rider88 gets a principle illuminator and two projector pilot lights on either side of the top. The primary bulb is encompassed by four LED lights on both the sides. The whole get together, like the greater TNT1130, gets a “T” shape on the fairing.


We totally adore this front lamp setup. You can visit to request a piece for your Benelli at 550 Malaysian Ringgit or about Rs 9,000 – not an awful value considering what you get at the cost. Here are a couple of more pictures delineating the points of interest of the post-retail front unit.

What you need to keep in mind before jumping the gun to order one for yourself is that you may end up voiding your warranty in case you go in for the same.

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GALLERY: Aftermarket head-lamps mounted on a Benelli TNT 600i

benelli-tnt-300-tnt-600i-aftermarket-headlamps-look-like-tnt-1130-001     benelli-tnt-300-tnt-600i-aftermarket-headlamps-look-like-tnt-1130-002     benelli-tnt-300-tnt-600i-aftermarket-headlamps-look-like-tnt-1130-003

benelli-tnt-300-tnt-600i-aftermarket-headlamps-look-like-tnt-1130-004benelli-tnt-300-tnt-600i-aftermarket-headlamps-look-like-tnt-1130-004     benelli-tnt-300-tnt-600i-aftermarket-headlamps-look-like-tnt-1130-005     benelli-tnt-300-tnt-600i-aftermarket-headlamps-look-like-tnt-1130-006

benelli-tnt-300-tnt-600i-aftermarket-headlamps-look-like-tnt-1130-007     benelli-tnt-300-tnt-600i-aftermarket-headlamps-look-like-tnt-1130-008     benelli-tnt-300-tnt-600i-aftermarket-headlamps-look-like-tnt-1130-009


Source: Rider88