Yamaha V-Ixion modified to an Indian Race Blue Color YZF-R15 in Indonesia


Yamaha YZF-R15 is one of the sports bikes which have crazy fans in India. Apart from its gorgeous sporty look, it has won the hearts of many bikers due to the handling, excellent performance and the style offered by this beast from Yamaha. Moving further India and Indonesia has some shared platforms manufactured by two different subsidiaries of Yamaha.

V-Ixion which is the Indonesian version of Yamaha is muscular and have some of the features inherited or we can say similar to Yamaha YZF-R15. Yamaha V-Ixion carries the same 150 cc liquid cooled engine as the YZF-R15 but is less stylish compared to the Indian beast. Here is the glimpse and the details of the modified YZF-R15 obtained by our friends at BikeAdvice.

A 5th year Medical Student Afnindy Leo Putra is one of the enthusiastic bikers of Indonesia. Afnindy owning a Yamaha V-Ixion had keen interest to look apart from his fellow bikers in Indonesia and also being influenced by the aerodynamic design provided by Indian YZF-R15 let him to have a desire to modify his V-Ixion. He imported all the aerodynamic body parts and the tail cowl of the Indian offering Yamaha YZF-R15 at a cost around 34000 INR. After having the body parts in place and taking advice from his college friends he decided to have Race-Blue Special Paint which was used by the Yamaha Moto GP team last year.

Afnindy also made some modifications to his existing V-Ixion engine such as IQUTECHE (Programmable) Stand-Alone ECU, 9POWER Spark Plug Enhancer, R9 Racing Coil, DAYTONA Max Fire spark plug, Custom Racing Exhaust, Change of final drive-ratio to 15:46 from stock figures of 14:42 and wider tyres which helped to accomplish a top speed of 145 kmph which was around 130 kmph before the modifications to the existing V-Ixion engine. Afnindy has spent around 100,000 INR in order to bring his bike to the tuned state which it is currently powered with.
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Yamaha V-Ixion




The below seen is also a modified V-Ixion owned by a friend of Afnindy. He has got it done in the R15 version 2.0 mould and this bike boasts of a massive 180cc cylinder.