Driving from the back seat: A customisation you will love

The back seat is the most comfortable seat in the car. And the driver’s seat is, let us say, the not-so-most comfortable seat in car. But there are people who’d give anything to be in the driver’s seat and there are people who would just sit on the rear seats. So how about you get the best of both worlds? The comfort of a back seat and the fun of driving of the driver’s seat. Seems unreal? Well, a customiser in Dubai has made this unreal customisation come true.

backseat-driven-nissan-patrol-suv-dubai-insideNissan Patrol SUV modified to drive from back seat

A Nissan Patrol (2008 model) in Dubai which has been customised by Ali from Kingdon Customs Garage has its steering wheel and driving controls at the rear instead of front and the front, well, has just the dashboard. The steering wheel along with the pedals, gearbox and the rear view mirror have been placed at the back seats. The front plays host to the LED displays for the font passengers but wouldn’t it be a bit awkward to sit this way?

The modification has been carried out with so much of precision and finesse that the car actually looks like one for the rear passenger to drive on the inside. You get a LED display screen in place of the steering wheel column up front. The automatic gearbox moves towards the right side of the car as the steering wheel takes up the space where you actually find your gearbox.

Such a modification would be good enough for real world conditions or not, is something we are still skeptical about and if we Indians would get something of this sorts is an all new ball game. Legal or not, it is pretty cool and you are bound to turn a lot of heads around with such a cool modification in your car.

Do let us know your opinion regarding the same!

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backseat-driven-nissan-patrol-suv-dubai-steering-wheel     backseat-driven-nissan-patrol-suv-dubai-gearbox     backseat-driven-nissan-patrol-suv-dubai-dashboard

backseat-driven-nissan-patrol-suv-dubai-interior     backseat-driven-nissan-patrol-suv-dubai-outside     backseat-driven-nissan-patrol-suv-dubai-exterior