Tanker truck carrying hot tar crushed brand-new Maruti Suzuki Ciaz

A tanker-truck carrying hot molten tar overturned on a car, killing all 7 occupants including 3 kids and 4 adults in the new Ciaz. It was a brand-new car as it had no plates, and probably had puja done as flowers, sweets etc was found inside.

This ghastly mishap occurred at NH2, on Durgapur Expressway near Rathtala area in Burdwan district, West Bengal on Wednesday morning. According to eyewitnesses, the Ciaz had overtaken the tanker from the left and swerved to the right in front of the tanker. Something then happened that made the Ciaz slow-down drastically.

The tanker driver had to immediately brake so as to avoid rear-ending the Ciaz but in this attempt lost control over the tanker, climbed onto the divider crushing the Ciaz under it. Since the tanker was carrying hot molten tar, it leaked out of the truck causing it to spread onto the Ciaz leaving all passenger dead as they came in contact with it.

News reports say that one occupant, a child had survived the accident but could not be removed from the car in time due to the presence of the tanker on top of the vehicle, and he eventually passed away due to suffocation after breathing in the fumes of the hot tar. The a 42-year-old RPF (Railway Protection Force) officer had bought the new Ciaz just a few days before this horrifying crash. He was posted in the Howrah division.

While the fire brigade and ambulances were called, it was only after a crane had lifted the truck were the officials could extract the passengers from the Ciaz. While the tanker has been seized, the driver is absconding.

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