Chinese farmer builds a mini Lamborghini for his grandson

Owning a supercar is one of the most cherished dreams of car enthusiasts. It is perhaps a common dream of any little kid to go zooming on one of its kind car. And for some, it turns into reality.

A grandfather in China has created a mini Lamborghini Aventador for his grandson. The man, Guo, has created this car with scrap metal. The mini Lamborghini Aventador can run at a speed of 26 miles per hour (42 kph). Though the car is somewhat rough around the edges, it is a source of pure delight for the little kid.

chinese-farmer-mini-lamborghini-grandsonChinese farmer builds a mini Lamborghini Aventador for his grandson

Guo is in his fifties. By profession, he is a farmer. He stated that he felt that it was not really safe to drop his grandson to school on an electric moped. Thus, he devised this car. He has created the mini Lamborghini Aventador for his grandson in this garage in Zhengzhou, Henan Province, China. It took him 6 months to create it from scratch. Guo pieced the design together with the guidance of some photos he was able to find over internet. He has powered this car with 5 batteries. The mini Lambo can drive on forward and reverse gears. It also flaunts a little stereo system. The car also features rear-view mirror and a horn. Guo was able to create this car for just $824 (INR 50k approx).

We have come across many bizarre attempts at creating replicas of supercars or some other cool mechanical projects creating replicas of cars for kids. They have often come out with different results. But the mini Lamborghini Aventador by Guo is a true delight. As per a report, the car devised by Guo has not been allowed to drive on main roads of the city. Though, it can be used in residential areas but only at low speeds.

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Image Credit – China Daily