Video – Little kid shows us how to drift in his mini-mustang?

kid drifter in his mini-Mustang

So you think you’re really good at drifting your car? Congratulations, it’s not that difficult. Getting a car sideways is easy. Doing so in a controlled manner, however, is a rather difficult task that takes lots of practice. Just ask a drifter.

The following video shows a pro young drifter teaching us how to professionally drift in a calm and controlled way. He even, takes a little passenger around for the ride on a mini-Mustang.

This youngster is clearly ready for the big show. His vehicle is tarted up with blacked-out rims and sponsor decals – DC Shoes and Alpinestars, no less.

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Video of a kid drifter in his mini-Mustang –

SourceYouTube (via Hooniverse)