Bajaj Auto believes that upcoming 400cc Pulsar’s could grab Royal Enfield’s sales

When you consider Royal Enfield purchasers, what do you associate with them? Maybe, how would you depict a Royal Enfield purchaser? He is not into pace, would not like to corner hard and unquestionably couldn’t care less about the highlights on his cruiser. Maybe, what he thinks about is the vibe that the bike offers him and how it influences his identity before others. He is a wanderer and brushes aside the worldly issues every time he gets on his bike.

bajaj-pulsar-400ss-indiaThe Pulsar SS400 is expected to be available in the market by the end of 2015.

Just to bring things into perspective, a Duke 390 costs the same as a Continental 535 so what would a rider go in for? It’s the racing thump vs sheer power burst if you were to see. What you choose is purely a matter of personal choice post that.

As per Rajiv Bajaj, MD, Bajaj Auto, not everybody purchases a Royal Enfield for the retro offer or the DISPLACEMENTit offers, some additionally purchase it due to the absence of choices at that value point. He feels that the upcoming 400cc Pulsars make for a decent option for the individuals who purchase Bullets in light of the absence of choices. Obviously, it is too soon to say if the sales of the British brand will be influenced once the Pulsar CS 400 and 400 SS go discounted yet doubtlessly a few purchasers will move camp.

bajaj-pulsar-400cs-india The Pulsar CS400 will be launched by March-2016 in the Indian market.

Even UM is concocting cruisers which will make things fascinating in the fragment. While the Pulsar 400 SS wouldn’t be such an alluring suggestion for Royal Enfield beaus, the CS 400 beyond any doubt does present a solid defense and could surely hurt sales of Royal Enfield bikes.  But then, Royal Enfield has a set of loyalists and fans who wouldn’t change camp no matter what.

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Source: MotorBeam