Tesla Electric Car – on way in to India, as early as mid-2017

So, the brand is finally officially coming to India, Tesla CEO Elon Musk via his Twitter handle stated that “Hoping for summer this year”, when asked about the brand’s launch in India.


Tesla Model 3 is confirmed for India with the launch expected in mid-2018.

Previously, we had reported that pre-orders for the Tesla Model 3 are open for Indian customers with a booking amount of US $1,000 (INR 66,510) with deliveries expected in late-2018, however, with the launch as early as mid this-year we aren’t sure which model will Tesla offer initially to the Indian market.

Although not officially confirmed, there are reports that Tesla Motors is reported to have chosen China as the location for its Asian manufacturing plant over other popular choices like India and Thailand. Current Minister for Road Transport and Highways and Shipping, Nitin Gadkari in his visit to Tesla’s plant last-year had proposed the electric car manufacturer to set-up a production facility in India.

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