Mercedes finally confirms death of Maybach

Mercedes finally confirms death of Maybach

End last-year we reported our readers that Daimler’s CEO Dr. Dieter Zetche confirmed to AutoWeek (Detroit automagazine) that the Maybach brand will officially be killed in 2013, but the company never really officially confirmed the death of the brand.

Last-week, Daimler and Mercedes finally ended the silence and confirmed the death of Maybach. Since everyone already knew that Maybach was going to die, Daimler didn’t even drop a press released confirming the death. Instead, a price list was released with the word ‘Discontinued’ next to all the five Maybach models offered in the US – the 57, 57 S, 62, 62 S and Landaulet.

Mayback was brought back to life by Mercedes-Benz in 2002 after the company failed to buy Rolls-Royce and Bentley from Vickers – which sold the two brands to Volkswagen. Volkswagen eventually sold Rolls-Royce to BMW.
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