Renault Lodgy World Edition, Eolab & Sport RS 01 debuts at 2016 Auto Expo

Alongside the new Duster and Kwid, Renault India displayed the Lodgy World Edition based on the Renault Lodgy Stepway edition, EOLAB Concept and the Sport RS 01 race-spec car for use in GT3 racing.

Renault LODGY World Edition


Renault LODGY takes the next step towards class and elegance with the World Edition. Encompassing the different facets of a magnificent package, the World edition features a jewel-studded front grille, sporty two-tone bumper, front fog lamps with chrome satin finish, front and rear skid plates as well as anthracite finish alloy wheels. The superior looks and utility continue with Dual tone roof rail with dark metal finish, World edition body graphics and Matte Black “B” & “C” pillar stripping.

In here, there’s room for every fancy – the tinge of orange finish on air vents, steering wheel and instrument cluster adds a unique freshness to the

premium comfort. The new upholstery, Gris Fume door trim and “RENAULT” scuff plate add to the exquisiteness. Finally, the World Edition badge on the steering wheel and the fender accentuates the style quotient of the car.

In short, Renault LODGY World Edition gives you an opportunity to go ahead and take your world with you in style!!!

Renault EOLAB


The EOLAB prototype is a major engineering accomplishment in automotive innovation. It is built on a B-segment vehicle platform, integrates around a hundred engineering innovations and achieves extremely low fuel consumption levels of 1 litre per 100 km (for a CO2 emission of just 22 g per km on an NEDC* combined cycle). It showcases a list of advanced technologies such as:

  • Lightweight design
  • Aerodynamics
  • Z.E. Hybrid technology
  • Consumption and emissions certified to applicable regulations.

Renault Sport RS 01


A car to thrill at first glance, Renault Sport RS 01 sets out to be one of the world’s most efficient GT racers. With every stroke of the design pen, in the body lines and in the detail, the aim was twofold: to make Renault Sport RS 01 an iconic Renault vehicle, and to contribute to track performance through a constant quest for aerodynamic efficiency. Some of the highlights of the Renault Sport RS 01 are:

  • An emblematic front end, reflecting Renault’s sporting genes
  • A low-slung, sculted profile
  • Power and strong identity at the rear
  • The aerodynamic performance of a single-seater
  • More than 500 horsepower
  • Seven-speed sequential gearbox

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GALLERY: Renault Lodgy World Edition, Eolab & Sport RS 01

Renault Lodgy World Edition

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Renault Eolab

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Renault Sport RS 01

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