Thumb socks to prevent texting while driving

One of the major reason behind teen fatal car crashes in America is texting while driving. It has been reported that a huge number of teens have agreed that they use their mobile phone while driving. A campaign has been started by DoSomething and Sprint that has been named Thumb Wars. It has been initiated 3 years ago to prevent people from texting while driving a vehicle. This year, the campaign has been started and will go on till 14th August. Young drivers can sign up and then they will collect two pairs of yellow anti-texting thumb socks.

thumb-socks-don't-texting-drivingYoung people prevent texting and driving with Thumb Socks

The teen drivers will then choose a friend who texts while driving in order to share this socks with them. They are to take a picture of them wearing the socks and send it back. In the year 2013, more than 279,000 young drivers became of part of this campaign. And in the year 2012, 62% of the participants reported that the friend with whom they shared the thumb socks have changed their driving habits.

The chief marketing officer of, Naomi Hirabayashi, stated that they have received a very good response from teen drivers who have been participating in their cause fir the last 3 years. In fact, he is glad that they have been spreading the message by uploading pictures and videos of them wearing Thumb Socks. He has praised their creativity and is happy that it bring the topic to the attention of the people in a manner in which they can relate.

Sprint’s Vice President for corporate social responsibility, Mr. Ralph Reid stated that they are proud to be associated with and be a part of Thumb Wars campaign initiated by He stated that the Thumb Wars campaign is quite a unique and extraordinary program that is creating awareness on such an important issue.

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