From May 9 to 13, Mangalore will play host to ‘Charlie Bear’ World Motorcycle Relay


Created in the year 2013, World Wide Relay Riders has been able to garner a lot of attention and has spread like wild fire. The original thought behind the idea was to take stuffed animals as far as possible around the states and in a few other countries. But it attained such fame and so many people joined in that it became global. We have heard that ‘Charlie Bear’ World Motorcycle Relay will now be relaying across the globe.

The ‘Charlie Bear’ will be brining smiles on the faces of children and adults, alike. The group will also take pictures. They are planning to raise funds in order to provide financial support to children suffering for terminal or life threatening illnesses. By participating and donating for such a noble cause, the group is hoping to bring back smiles on the faces of these children and their families. The group members have also urged others to support a charity. This ride will have no fees or sign up charges.


In this relay, every run has an item that is used as the ‘relay item’ which are relayed from one bike to another. This relay item will be the Charlie Bear. The item is to be relayed as it moves across thw world and ultimately reaches back to point from where it started. The group will carry a sign in log to keep track of and confirm who rides with them. A 10mm wrench will be awarded to each biker for their participation. The ‘Charlie Bear’ World Motorcycle Relay is also headed for Nepal to Delhi to Gujarat to Mumbai to Goa and finally Mangalore. At present it is in Mumbai.

The group has expressed their desire from the participants to maintain brotherly love and respect during the relay. They have also urged them to post pictures of the relay on social networking websites like Facebook.

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