Honda’s upcoming 125cc motorcycle spotted testing; launch this-year

Irrespective of the caliber of the high performance motorcycles a company makes, the company still has to depend on the high volume sales of the low performance motorcycles for its survival. Now this concept may not be particularly true for all European motorcycle manufacturers, but definitely is true for the big 4 Japanese motorcycle manufacturers – Yamaha, Honda, Suzuki and Kawasaki.


All four manufacturers have been operating in India for a pretty long time now and even their flagship high performance superbikes are on sale in India right now, but they depend heavily on the high sales volumes of the commuter segment to survive. Competition in the commuter segment is getting harder by the day and manufacturers are trying to do their best to get maximum sales and in order to lure customers, they resort to many marketing techniques which even involves the launch of new motorcycles and also updates to existing models.

Honda Motorcycles and Scooters India has a pretty good market share in the commuter motorcycle segment with its five existing commuter motorcycles and it looks like they are now looking forward to extending their market share even more. We have images of a Honda motorcycle being tested at one of their manufacturing facilities in India.


Going by the images which were taken, it cannot be mistaken for anything else, other than an entry level commuter motorcycle. This new motorcycle will, in all Probability be powered by the tried and tested 125cc engine, being used on some of their commuter motorcycles from a long time. The first motorcycle to use this engine was the shine 125, and this new motorcycle might be an update to the shine or it might be yet another model being added to the dream series.

The 124.7cc motor in its current state has a maximum power output of 10.3 PS and a maximum torque output of 10.54 NM, but Honda has made a few internal changes to the engine in order to improve its efficiency and even increase the power output by a bit. At the beginning of the year Honda promised to launch a few new motorcycles as well as to update some of its existing motorcycles, and this commuter motorcycle will be one of the updates promised by Honda.


As of now, the competition in the 125cc commuter motorcycle segment looks hot to us and promising to the prospective customer, as increase in competition means they will have more options to choose from.

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