Teaser image of Lamborghini SUV Concept, will debut at the 2012 Beijing Motor Show

Lamborghini SUV Concept

It’s not secret by now that Lamborghini is working on an SUV as the third model in its lineup. The Italian supercar maker has just released a teaser of the new SUV concept, which will reportedly carry the ‘Urus’ or ‘Deimos‘ badge.

The new Lamborghini SUV Concept will officially show itself on April 23, but we can definitely expect some leaks prior.

We’ll bring you more details on the new Lambo SUV as soon as we get them. Stay tuned.


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See leaked images of Lamborghini SUV Concept –

Lamborghini SUV Concept - 001     Lamborghini SUV Concept - 002     Lamborghini SUV Concept - 003     Lamborghini SUV Concept - 004