Tata Nexon (Osprey/X104) rendered in production form

Were you excited when Tata unveiled the Nexon concept, announcing its entry into the compact SUV segment? Good. In the meantime, the folks at GaadiWaadi have imagined what the upcoming Tata Nexon (Osprey/X104) will look like as a finished product.


In their renders, the Nexon retains the coupe-ish roofline and stylish curves first seen on the concept. From there, they incorporated elements of the current Tata line-up into the compact SUV beginning with the front. As you can see, the LED headlamps are replaced by more conventional ones, but even then it looks appealing.

The Nexon’s design is believed to be inspired from the Land Rover Evoque. It will feature tapered glass roof at the back, bespoke wheel arches, floating-roof with black pillars, chrome beading on sills of windows and double sliding doors. This compact SUV will get a spare wheel tucked under the body instead of being rear-mounted and could get a high ground clearance of about 180-190 mm.


Tata’s all-new Nexon will offer multiple customization options such as body kits and contrast colour combinations for body and roof. The top-of-the-line variant may get a bigger 18-inch alloy wheels while the rest of other variants might be offered with standard 16-inch wheels with 215/65 R16 tyres. The interiors on the other hand too will be inspired from the luxury Land Rover (that’s right).

What do you think of GaadiWaadi’s imagining of the Nexon in its final production form? We have a live video below for you to compare the renders to. More importantly, what sort of changes would you want to see on the upcoming Tata Nexon (Osprey/X104) compact SUV? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Source: GaadiWaadi