Tata Nano catches fire yet again, this time in Mumbai

Tata Nano catches fire yet again

Another Nano went up in flames in Mumbai adding to the list of such incidents in the past.  Recently last-week on 10-11-2012 (Saturday) yet another Tata Nano bursted into flames and it is said to be this year’s first such case. The cause of fire isn’t yet known and there are good chances that this case has more to do with an external factor than a flaw in car’s mechanicals.

We all know Tata Motors is trying its level-best to increase the sales of the Tata Nano in the form of contestdifferent campaignsmerchandise online store and TV Commercials etc… The company plans to launch CNG version, along with the diesel engined version of the Nano being readied-up. While the CNG powered Nano will arrive in early 2013, the Nano Diesel is expected to be launched sometime in the second half of 2013.

Besides these, Tata Nano is also spotted in different avatars testing like in the Dual-tone color and other Nano featuring a racing inspired design with all-round skirts. However, it still remains the mystery if these cars enter the production.


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Source – AutocarPro