Rolls-Royce Cullinan SUV set for global debut in 2018

BMW-owned company, Rolls-Royce has officially released the first images of its first ever SUV, which the carmaker refers as ‘Cullinan’, although its production name would be different.


The Cullinan will be the first model from Rolls-Royce to be built on an all-new aluminium architecture

The British automaker officially confirmed the project is underway, with the production model expected to go on-sale worldwide in 2018. Surprisingly, Rolls-Royce didn’t use the term SUV, instead calls the Cullinan as an “All-Terrain, High-Sided Vehicle”.


BMW’s upcoming X7 will share some of its components with the Rolls-Royce Cullinan

As per the company, the Cullinan will be the first model with four-wheel drive in Rolls-Royce’s 110-year history. Further revealed that the production-ready model will be tested in varied conditions, ahead of its debut; First, it will be taken to the Arctic Circle for cold-weather testing, before being shipped to the Middle East next-year for testing performance in high temperatures and desert conditions.

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