Officially Official: Rolls-Royce SUV confirmed, will be called ‘Cullinan’ Internally

Rolls-Royce has officially confirmed that it is developing a “car that offers the luxury of a Rolls-Royce in a vehicle that can cross any terrain”, or SUV in simpler language, is currently under development.

rolls-royce-suv-cullinan-rr31-front The upcoming Rolls-Royce 4×4 will be probably the biggest luxury SUV.

As the reports on the Top Speed, the company’s first ever SUV is code-named ‘Cullinan’, a reference to the largest gem-quality diamond ever found. Discovered in South Africa in 1905, the Cullinan diamond is now mounted on Queen Elizabeth II’s sceptre as part of the Crown Jewels. The actual name for this SUV is likely to differ, when it goes on-sale in late-2017.

Further, the source claim the SUV is being referred to internally as the Cullinan, it is not exactly a code name in the style of Tata Motors’ Falcon or Kite, instead a nickname its engineers have given it. The model’s official code name is actually ‘RR31’ suggest to the fact that it will be the 31st new Rolls-Royce in the company’s history.

rolls-royce-suv-cullinan-rr31-sideEven after the Cullinan’s launch, the Phantom will continue to be the flagship offering.

The first Rolls-Royce SUV will be built on the Phantom’s long-wheelbase aluminium spaceframe architecture, and length will be nearly as long as the Phantom with a modern front. However, it will be positioned such that the Phantom continues to be the flagship offering. Not yet confirmed, but the new SUV is likely to be powered by a reworked version of the Phantom’s twin-turbocharged 6.8-litre V-12 engine.

An all-wheel-drive system and electronically controlled pneumatic suspension are also considered. Diesel versions were dismissed because the fuel is not easily available in luxury markets such as China, the United States and the Middle East.

rolls-royce-suv-cullinan-rr31-rearIf bespoke equipment and decor are added, prices can even double.

Once launched, the Cullinan is likely to be the world’s most expensive SUV and could be priced anywhere between $500,000 and $1,000,000 (INR 3.13-6.25 crores).

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Source: TopSpeed

Image Credit: TheophilusChin