2015 India Bike Week (IBW) Bike Build-Off Winner – RH Customs ‘Da Bang’

Reza Hussain couldn’t be more satisfied. He’s figured out how to safeguard his title at the 2015 India Bike Week (IBW), which finished-up in Goa as of late. His ‘Da Bang’, a modified Harley-Davidson SuperLow named after Salman Khan and which looks very like the one that Batman rode in The Dark Knight, won the ‘build-off’ challenge. A year ago, he had finished this class with ‘Valeno Mortale’, a Royal Enfield fitted with the world’s biggest bike tire.

reza-hussain-customs-da-bang-2015-india-bike-week‘Da Bang’ based on HD SuperLow was customised in 50 days, especially for 2015 IBW.

Altering machines is an adolescence propensity for the Kuwait-born Reza. Presently, he is living-off his saving and customising motorcycles for others under the moniker ‘RH Customs. Somebody offered to purchase his Harley for Rs 35 lakh at the Bike Week, however he won’t sell it off so soon.

“I first attended IBW in 2013, as a visitor. I was shocked to find not even one bike builder from Hyderabad, who could represent our city on a national level. That’s why I decided to come back in 2014. I am glad that I won the trophy again,says the 33-year-old who left his IT work in 2014, somewhat in front of his IBW stretch.

rh-customs-da-bang-2015-india-bike-weekRH Customs brings home the IBW Bike Build-Off trophy for the 2nd year in a row.

No astonishes, his Yamaha was a hit with companions, neighbours in Malakpet in the city, passers-by and even the cops. It was a bad dream as well — each time this Yamaha halted or the Valeno years after the fact, the bike became the centre of attraction.

His bikes remain a state of jealousy even at this point. His wife says, ‘Even if one screw is out of place, you notice it. But you don’t look at what earrings I am wearing’. The man finds it difficult to take time out for his daughters over his love for bikes. We wish him all the luck with it. For more info log on-to RH Customs official Facebook page, Click here

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GALLERY: RH Customs ‘Da Bang’

reza-hussain-customs-da-bang-2015-india-bike-week-001     reza-hussain-customs-da-bang-2015-india-bike-week-002     reza-hussain-customs-da-bang-2015-india-bike-week-003

reza-hussain-customs-da-bang-2015-india-bike-week-004     reza-hussain-customs-da-bang-2015-india-bike-week-005     reza-hussain-customs-da-bang-2015-india-bike-week-006

reza-hussain-customs-da-bang-2015-india-bike-week-007     reza-hussain-customs-da-bang-2015-india-bike-week-008     reza-hussain-customs-da-bang-2015-india-bike-week-009

reza-hussain-customs-da-bang-2015-india-bike-week-010     reza-hussain-customs-da-bang-2015-india-bike-week-011     reza-hussain-customs-da-bang-2015-india-bike-week-012

reza-hussain-customs-da-bang-2015-india-bike-week-013     reza-hussain-customs-da-bang-2015-india-bike-week-014     reza-hussain-customs-da-bang-2015-india-bike-week-015

reza-hussain-customs-da-bang-2015-india-bike-week-016     reza-hussain-customs-da-bang-2015-india-bike-week-017     reza-hussain-customs-da-bang-2015-india-bike-week-018

reza-hussain-customs-da-bang-2015-india-bike-week-019     reza-hussain-customs-da-bang-2015-india-bike-week-020     reza-hussain-customs-da-bang-2015-india-bike-week-021

reza-hussain-customs-da-bang-2015-india-bike-week-022     reza-hussain-customs-da-bang-2015-india-bike-week-023     reza-hussain-customs-da-bang-2015-india-bike-week-024

reza-hussain-customs-da-bang-2015-india-bike-week-025     reza-hussain-customs-da-bang-2015-india-bike-week-026     reza-hussain-customs-da-bang-2015-india-bike-week-027

reza-hussain-customs-da-bang-2015-india-bike-week-028     reza-hussain-customs-da-bang-2015-india-bike-week-029     reza-hussain-customs-da-bang-2015-india-bike-week-030

rh-customs-da-bang-2015-india-bike-week-001     rh-customs-da-bang-2015-india-bike-week-002     rh-customs-da-bang-2015-india-bike-week-003

rh-customs-da-bang-2015-india-bike-week-004     rh-customs-da-bang-2015-india-bike-week-005     rh-customs-da-bang-2015-india-bike-week-006

rh-customs-da-bang-2015-india-bike-week-007     rh-customs-da-bang-2015-india-bike-week-008     rh-customs-da-bang-2015-india-bike-week-009

rh-customs-da-bang-2015-india-bike-week-010     rh-customs-da-bang-2015-india-bike-week-011     rh-customs-da-bang-2015-india-bike-week-012


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