Special Coverage – 3rd Edition of India Bike Week (IBW) 2015 at Vagator, Goa

The best weekend ever!!! Soaking in the 10 acre festival village in Vagator, Goa India Bike Week, the largest biking festival in India saw more than 12,000 riders and bike enthusiasts ride cross-country to Goa to celebrate the spirit and lifestyle of the Indian Biking community.


The festival saw the event graced by ace cricketer and bike enthusiast Yuvraj Singh, known for his enthusiasm for automobiles and is associated with Autologue Design – a car and motorcycle customization Company launching its new custom bike designs at IBW.Yuvraj as a first time biker rode all the way from Delhi to Chandigarh on his friends borrowed bike and now with his passion growing further he has expressed his interest to be a part of India Bike Week in 2016 maybe on his own ride.

Commenting on his participation at the India Bike Week 2015, Mukul Nanda of Autologue Design said “The event is the biggest platform for all the bikers in the country and is organized in a massive scale with professional bikers participating in it from across India and even abroad. Thus, the company chose India Bike Week as a great launch platform”


IBW in its third edition also hosted GQ Gentleman’s Ride for Magic Buswherein 30 to 40 prominent personalities got together at India Bike Week’s Howling Dog stage to go on a very special Motorbike Ride.

Speaking on the occasion, Martin da Costa, CEO of 70 EMG said, “It’s an incredible response we have received to this third edition of the festival. It’s a gathering of some the most amazing bikes and bikers from across the world. We’ve also become an amazing platform for new product introductions, with launches this weekend by Shell Advance, Triumph, DSK Benelli and Yuvraj Singh’s Autologue. We’ll gotto see well over 12,000 bikes meeting each other to party, exchange stories and see the best that Biking in India has to offer. The Indian biking brotherhood has come of age at IBW 2015.”


Mr. Karan Tandon, Assistant Vice President, Advertising Sales and Partnerships, FOX International Channels (India) said, “Asia’s biggest motorcycle party is back and the contribution of international biking legends, stunt riders, bike displays, new bike launches and the famous bike build off; on a larger scale – we have taken the event to an unprecedented scale.  In the last 2 years IBW inspired a new generation of bikers, and we are exhilarated to have created an aura around the event that made it a destination hard to be missed in 2015.”

The third edition has clearly won the confidence of sponsor brands with major launches and showcase by Shell, DSK Benelli, Triumph, Indian Motorcycles. Shell Lubricants launched its next generation bike oil, Shell Advance Ultra with Pure Plus Technology – company’s most advanced motorcycle oil ever, developed from natural gas. DSK Motowheels unveiled eight products of the Italian superbike brand Benelli including an in-line, two cylinder TNT899 and the in-line, four-cylinder 600cc TNT 600i. Triumph unveiled the Tiger XCx and the XRx.


Clearly IBW is on an exponential growth path, both in terms of attendance and the content and moreover the organizer are hugely encouraged by the support now being given to the Festival by India’s motorbike Industry, and by a large number of other partners, sponsors and brands. Seeing an annual 30% increase in participation by festival-goers since 2013, one of the key target of 70 EMG & Fox Life is to continue the development of IBW as India’s largest dedicated bike exhibition featuring the very latest in cruisers, custom bikes, sports bikes, off road and accessories & clothing, as well as make it into an essential racing, stunt and music destination.

India’s largest festival planners the SEVENTY Event Media Group, together with the #1 Travel and Lifestyle channel, FOX Life, in association with Harley-Davidson & Shell Advance presented this most important Festival of Bikers, Bikes, Music and Mayhem in India and it was held in Goa at VAGATOR on 20th& 21st February 2015.  With 5 music stages including the Red Bull Tour Bus, 20 live bands and DJ’s, SHELL Big Trip – where festival goers got to hear stories from over 15 legendary Indian and international motorcycle travelers, 7 bars, Contests and Engagements, Vintage & Classic Bike Display & Concourse, the biggest bike expo and many more engaging activities – it was an high octane two day unforgettable experience that provided the crowd with incredible entertainment and kept them wanting more.


Other interesting and action packed attractions included the Howling Dog Quarter Mile Drag powered by Shell Advance that got  the adrenaline pumping for all festival goers, Mark Wilsmore from Ace Café, the biker bar of London and a place visited by biking enthusiasts from all over the world, riding with the organisers at India Bike Week. Additionally there was Classic Motorcycle Parade, Mod Bike Parade, IBW National Stunt Championship and various awards given out for Lifetime Achievement, Honor Roll, & Biker Buildoff. Overall it was a fascinating experience for all attendees and they got an opportunity to engage in some interesting happenings too.


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See more pictures of 3rd Edition of India Bike Week (IBW) 2015:

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2015-india-bike-week-third-edition-049     2015-india-bike-week-third-edition-050     2015-india-bike-week-third-edition-051

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2015-india-bike-week-third-edition-058     2015-india-bike-week-third-edition-059     2015-india-bike-week-third-edition-060

2015-india-bike-week-third-edition-061     2015-india-bike-week-third-edition-062     2015-india-bike-week-third-edition-063

2015-india-bike-week-third-edition-064     2015-india-bike-week-third-edition-065     2015-india-bike-week-third-edition-066

2015-india-bike-week-third-edition-067     2015-india-bike-week-third-edition-068     2015-india-bike-week-third-edition-069

2015-india-bike-week-third-edition-070     2015-india-bike-week-third-edition-071     2015-india-bike-week-third-edition-072

2015-india-bike-week-third-edition-073     2015-india-bike-week-third-edition-074     2015-india-bike-week-third-edition-075

2015-india-bike-week-third-edition-076     2015-india-bike-week-third-edition-077     2015-india-bike-week-third-edition-078

2015-india-bike-week-third-edition-079     2015-india-bike-week-third-edition-080     2015-india-bike-week-third-edition-081

2015-india-bike-week-third-edition-082     2015-india-bike-week-third-edition-083     2015-india-bike-week-third-edition-084

2015-india-bike-week-third-edition-085     2015-india-bike-week-third-edition-086     2015-india-bike-week-third-edition-087

2015-india-bike-week-third-edition-088     2015-india-bike-week-third-edition-089     2015-india-bike-week-third-edition-090