Production-spec Maruti Ciaz (Suzuki Alivio) complete details out!

production-spec-maruti-ciaz-suzuki-alivio-front-viewSuzuki Concept Alivio – FrontView

The Maruti Suzuki SX4 has been around for a long time time now, 7 years to be specific and through these years Maruti Suzuki has been showering the SX4 with additonal features and has been launching special editions too, but there was no major update and because of this, Maruti Suzuki was losing out to competition and they decided that it was time to develop a car to replace the SX4. Earlier this year, at the Auto Expo held in Delhi, they revealed the replacement in the form of the Maruti Suzuki Ciaz Concept.

Now, Suzuki knows its using its branding strategies really well and is using it on this car too, as they have showcased the very same concept car at the 2014 Beijing motor show last month, but with a different name this time around! Suzuki displayed the SX4 replacement as the Suzuki ‘Alivio’ concept in Beijing.

The Alivio (Ciaz) looks the part, with those huge wrap-around headlamp clusters and the wide chrome grill with the prominent Suzuki logo characterizing the front-end aesthetics of the car. The car also sports funky fog-lamp housings in the front bumper and also a long side-profile. The concept sits on some cool Rims which add a lot of character and defines the stance of the car, but we doubt if these rims will make it to the production ready car.

production-spec-maruti-ciaz-suzuki-alivio-side-viewSuzuki Concept Alivio – SideView

The Alivio (Ciaz) measures 4,545mm long, 1,730mm wide and 1,475mm tall and will be powered by 1.5 liter, 4-cylinder DOHC, petrol engine which will be mated to a 6-speed automatic transmission.

In other news, Suzuki has revealed more details about the Maruti Suzuki Ciaz. Suzuki has revealed the the Ciaz will be focused on Passenger convenience more than anything else, and to aid this, Suzuki will be loading the Ciaz with more equipment and will be making it more spacious at the same time.

Cars like the Ciaz are increasingly being chauffeur-driven in markets like India and China where it will be launched and Suzuki plans to ensure that the Ciaz has the best in-class backseat comfort. While developing the Ciaz, instead of taking the drivers seat, it was more often found that the engineers at Suzuki took the backseat during testing, so that they can fine-tune the suspension for more backseat comfort. The engineers later employed rigid suspension components in order to allow for the use of softer springs for a subtle ride.

production-spec-maruti-ciaz-suzuki-alivio-rear-viewSuzuki Concept Alivio – RearView

With a length of 4,545mm, the Ciaz will be longer than its nearest competitor, the Honda City, and this allows it to have a longer wheelbase. A longer wheelbase means more rear passenger leg room and this is exactly what Maruti Suzuki was trying to achieve with the Ciaz. Hisanori Matsushima, chief designer of the Ciaz concept, said, “the back seat will have ample space to relax and Suzuki wants customers to enjoy its large internal size”.

Suzuki has also released a sketch of the Interiors of the Ciaz, and the sketch shows that the interior design of the Ciaz has been heavily influenced by European styling. It will have a dual-tone interior scheme and will have wooden dashboard accents too.

The Ciaz is expected to replace the SX4 later this year.

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