Bentley SUV Concept debuts at Geneva Motor Show 2012

Bentley SUV Concept

Lamborghini won’t be the only luxury supercar company that will be showing a concept SUV within the next couple of months. According to reports, another Volkswagen Group brand, Bentley Motors, may also debut a concept version of an SUV next month in Geneva.

“We are exploring the potential, but the vehicle has not been approved,” said Christophe Georges, Bentley Motors president and COO said. Word has it that Bentley is quickly putting together something for Geneva next month.

If all this is to be believed, Bentley’s new SUV will ride on the same platform as the Audi Q7 and will feature its W12 engine along with its new V8 that debuted in the Bentley Continental GT V8.

Lamborghini has already confirmed that a concept SUV will debut very soon.


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