GM India showcases Beat BEV concept car in Bangalore

GM India showcases Beat BEV concept car in Bangalore

General Motors (GM) India, showcased Chevrolet Beat Battery Electric Vehicle(BEV) in Bangalore on Monday(14/11/2011), leading a ‘Tailored for India programme’, in a bid to demonstrate the effectiveness of BEV technology in the country.

The vehicle was conceptualised at GM’s Bangalore-based R&D(Research & Development) centre, will be used to address potential cost savings to help make BEVs more affordable for global customers.

The car is powered by 300-cell lithium – ion battery with total energy capacity of approximately 20 kWh. The 270-kg battery can power the Beat for at least 130Km per charge, which may take 6 to 8 hours using a 240-V outlet, claimed GM, adding that its power is transferred to the drive wheels through a single-speed drive unit and an electric motor producing approximately 45k W of power.

GM India President & Managing director Karl Slym didn’t mention if the vehicle is up for commercial production but said it has been evolved as a concept to generate awareness in the realm of environmental concerns and also, developing alternative propulsion systems to drive automobiles.

Slym also urged the government to look at investing in similar technologies, rather than importing them from abroad, as it would considerably help reduce costs.


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